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About Author – Miroslaw Bagrowski

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Welcome to Mindful Harmony Oasis. My journey, weaving through the intricate tapestry of health and well-being, is one that spans across multiple decades and encompasses a diverse array of disciplines. This journey, ignited in the 1990s, has blossomed into a holistic exploration of the mind, body, and spirit, intertwining conventional health wisdom with unconventional, intriguing practices.

My curiosity extends beyond traditional health paradigms. Over the years, I have immersed myself deeply in oneironautics, the intriguing study of dreams, fostering a particular fascination with the mysterious world of lucid dreams. This exploration has opened doors to understanding the subconscious mind and its boundless realms.

Additionally, I have been captivated by the transformative potential of Hemi-Sync®, a groundbreaking auditory technology designed to facilitate enhanced states of consciousness. My exploration in neurolinguistic programming (NLP) has further enriched my understanding of the mind’s intricate workings.

My educational journey in these fields is extensive:

  • I have completed both practitioner and master courses in NLP, as well as a hypnosis course led by Mateusz Grzesiak.
  • I’ve delved into lucid dreaming, shamanism, and energy courses conducted by Michał Jankowiak.
  • My studies have also included courses in Reiki, adding a layer of energy healing to my skill set.
  • Fascinated by the mind’s capabilities, I undertook a course in mentalism conducted by a renowned British mentalist.
  • In my pursuit of deeper understanding, I have participated in tantra training courses focused on themes such as ‘Death and Rebirth’, ‘Phoenix Rebirth’, and ‘Paths to Happiness’. Additionally, I completed the first level of Hemi-Sync® training.
  • I possess a collection of Hemi-Sync® recordings, which I use systematically during my meditation sessions, finding them invaluable in enhancing the experience.

Everything related to this vast and rich domain is not just a pursuit but a passion for me—a passion I am constantly nurturing and evolving. Now, I am eager to share my thoughts, experiences, and insights, hoping they might illuminate and inspire others on their own journeys.

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What You’ll Find Here

On Mindful Harmony Oasis, you will discover a rich and diverse tapestry of topics, each intricately woven to enhance your understanding of self-care and holistic well-being. From the calming practices of Meditation, Relaxation, and Focus, to the more intricate realms of Cognitive-Behavioural Techniques and Trauma Healing, this platform is a comprehensive resource for anyone seeking to deepen their journey towards mental health, emotional resilience, and personal development. It is more than a blog; it's a sanctuary where wisdom, practice, and transformation converge.

My mission with this blog is to present an unconventional yet deeply insightful perspective on health and well-being. My posts span a wide array of subjects—delving into the tranquil world of Mindfulness and the rejuvenating practices of Yoga, exploring the transformative power of Hypnosis, and unraveling the potential of Neurofeedback. Each topic is chosen and crafted not only for its intrinsic value but also for its ability to interconnect with a larger, holistic view of health.

As a practitioner and an avid learner of lucid dreaming and shamanism, I bring unique insights into the subconscious mind, offering you practical advice on harnessing your inner potential. My explorations in NLP and mentalism are translated into easy-to-understand concepts that can empower your communication skills and self-understanding.

Hemi-Sync® and its applications in meditation are yet another area where my experiences could guide you towards heightened states of consciousness, aiding in stress reduction and creative problem-solving. The blog also touches upon the subtle yet powerful art of Reiki, providing you with ways to channel energy for healing and balance.

Thank you for joining me on this incredible journey towards a healthier, more balanced life. I invite you to explore the blog, engage with its content, and absorb the wisdom it has to offer. Whether you are taking your first steps into the realm of self-improvement or are a seasoned traveller on this path, Mindful Harmony Oasis is here to support and enrich your journey.

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